MAC Fix+

I get it. I understand why people love this. This is not a fine mist. It’s a fine spray. But it’s a spray. It will not be one press and you can cover the whole face kind. It is the you have to kept spraying to get the product out to distribute to your face. But it’s really no problem. Cause it’s just so good. For some reason, this doesn’t annoy me. Usually spray like this irritate me. But Fix+ is comfortable. The droplet is fine and doesn’t really annoy my face.

This cost $29. I wanted the travel size, but they do not carry it. So this has to do. Fix+ is good. Cause it really help to prolong the wear of your makeup. It helps to mattify the face but doesn’t make it dry. I don’t know what is it but it just makes you want to keep grabbing it. I don’t think I can ever not have this in my collection now. It’s also very cooling and refreshing. I love it. I love all my sprays. But this, I will always need in my life. 


One thought on “MAC Fix+

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