Ma Cherie Aqua Energy Mist

This smells so good. It’s also really good to prevent some frizz to hair. It’s like those hair oil except in a spray. It’s meant to keep flyaway at bay. I guess it’s just those spray that try to help to keep your hair neat and tidy. Plus this is a leave in treatment, so it’s good for people who keep using hair dryer. This can be used on towel dry hair or dry hair. So it’s perfect as it is easy to use. And you can use it any time. 

What I like is that it really keep my hair very smooth and like those hair commercial kind of hair where there is no bit of hair out of place. Actually bought this for my sis who has super frizzy hair. For hair, it works for a few hours. At least sort of work. It helps a bit. Then, after several (5) hours, her hair is back to super frizz. So this just makes it a bit less frizzy, but still frizzy. Just that her hair becomes super smooth. So with constant use, it helps but doesn’t really work as magical as to remove the frizz, but helps to depuff it a bit. 

Bought this for $17.90 at Watsons. I say it’s worth if you want neat hair without the gel. Shiny hair without the oil. And good smelling hair without adding hair perfume. And it works for a slight frizzy hair too. 

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