Pacifica Jasmine Iris Oil Control Primer

This is a weird product. I get 3 different consistency from this. 

At first it’s a very oily primer. And I’m like are you sure this for oily skin? Then I think maybe it’s the oil for oily skin. So with oil, your skin will think that there is enough oil on the skin so it won’t produce more. But this just doesn’t last. In a few hours my fave turn really oily. And the oily reason in the first place it doesn’t look as oily is cause the rest of my fave product is very matte. So I’ve been putting this aside. 

This cost me about US$19, so it’s not exactly cheap. I just have to find a way to use this. So I google this. There really isn’t much review on this. But I managed to find that it’s quite a gel like consistency. But more reviews, I find that some actually think that this is watery which is like in turn very oily. Then there are reviews that say this gives a very flaky finish. 

So after reading them, I tried it again. It’s really watery and it’s just very oily. Which I don’t think is the right consistency. I started shaking the tube and true enough it’s just liquid. So I try shaking trying to see if it will blend in and after a while, there is no more liquid in the bottle. As in you can’t hear and feel the liquid in the bottle anymore. 

The consistency now is a mix of thick liquid and gel. But on the face, it turns quite silicon like but for some reason some time, it becomes very flaky. I guess it’s not flakes, but it just leaves behind this residue – like those peeling gel kind of residue. It’s not a pretty look. So I will just wipe it away with a towel. Just brush it aside. 

And behold one of the best oil control primer ever!
It’s really good. I can use this and for the whole day my face remains good. It won’t be matte but it’s not looking oily. As compare to all my other primer, with the rest constant, this primer is the best one. But it just takes extra effort to brush away the residue after applying it. And sometimes there is residue, sometime there isn’t. 

So this is a really weird product to me. I really wish that it has a better consistency. I really wish that this work better. It’s a great product but it’s too hassle to repurchase. So I will say don’t bother. 


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