Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear

I always wanted to try MUG and I managed to buy one from beautybay at £4.68. Naturally I choose the shade Cocoa Bear. That’s what Marlena call her boo. I always thought that it will be more brick brown, but instead it’s a beautiful mid tone brown. The perfect crease colour I feel. It’s not reddish, not grey, a good neutral brown. I am really happy with the shade.  

It’s smaller than expected. I don’t know why I expect it to be bigger. It’s only 1.8g but I’m sure this will last me a life time. The shadows are not smooth to the touch but it’s super pigmented and there is no fall out. 

It’s a single shadow with a metal pan. The sticker at the back states clearly of the name of the shadow. So convenient. I put this in my z palette. And how I wish I could buy more of them. Anyway, this blends really nice. Without primer, can last for hours even though my lids turn oily. So I imagine with primer it will last longer. So yes, I do highly recommend this. 


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