Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturiser 

Base on historical data, the one thing I consistently use is moisturiser. While I try out samples on occasion, I tend to stick to one full size moisturiser. And for 75ml bottle, it can last me about 1 and a half year with sparing usage. So despite the higher price, it’s really worth the splurge. This time round I bought the Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturiser. I wanted to try the goat milk one, but after seeing this oil free version, I feel safer choosing this option. 

I was also debating between the FAB and this one. In the end I prefer this packaging. It’s different. You have to press the pump down for the product to come up and gather at the opening base thing. Anyway this is 50ml, and cost $105. That’s why I bought it during the Sephora sale. 20%, I managed to save $20+. 

The product sometimes has a funky scent. But only if I press too much. So the way I use this is using about 1/2 or 3/4 of the the pump. So I press the pump in that strength. It’s very moisturising and under make up, it doesn’t leave me oily. I mean if I were to don’t use anything, it has that sort of dewy finish, but it doesn’t look greasy or anything. So for oily skin is good enough for me. But for acne, this doesn’t help. It doesn’t irritate and cause more spots, but it doesn’t help to reduce them either. 

But it’s still a good moisturiser I feel. I wouldn’t really buy it again as buying it once and using it for a year will probably bore me and I want to try something else. But I do recommend it for any one with oily or normal skin. 


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