Milk Face + Body Scrub

This smells exactly like aftershave. So I think it’s really good for men. But after showering, the scent doesn’t stay on. So it’s good cause you won’t smell like aftershave. 

It’s a scrub, it’s quite harsh but it’s moisturising. It is a little on the runny side so not those kind of lumpy wet sugar kind. So it applies easily on to the skin. But it doesn’t lather, so you have to really use a lot to cover the whole body. 

Even though the scrub is harsh, this is ok to be used daily, I feel. It’s not so abrasive as it doesn’t contain as much scrub if that makes sense. So on the face it’s also just a very gentle scrub. 

I got this from Sephora Sg online for $13. So it’s quite decently priced. But I think this is only good for people without sensitive skin and who loves the scent of aftershave. Would recommend it for guys who just want a 2 in 1 product – face and body, so easy. 


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