First Impression: Leaders Clinic AC-Dressing  Skin Clinic Mask

This is really nice. I always find sheet mask a bit normal. As in it is either too big or it will fit. Messy or not, and if it irritate my skin or not. Cause I feel every masks is quite good. A good pampering experience. It does its job. It’s cooling. I typically like it. The only time I don’t like a mask is when it’s super messy to apply. And masks I don’t like are the one that irritate my skin. So I’m not that chooses when it comes to sheet masks. 

This however is one mask that I feel it’s good. That I want to repurchase. Not sure what so special about this other than the fact that I enjoy using it. I usually prefer gel like masks. So this takes me by surprise too. I guess in the end, products like people, some you like some you hate some surprise you and some will leave u impress. This is one that I just feel connected with. I wouldn’t buy again as I have way too mask masks, but if my house burn down, this is one sheet masks I will definitely buy. 


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