FAB Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser

I am determine that FAB is not a brand for me. I tried two of their products and I don’t see results. This is a deep cleanser which is suppose to be really good for oily skin. But I don’t think it matter as much. It feels very average. And I feel that this cause my break out to continue on. So that’s really bad. 

It’s a red gooey liquid which is quite cool but it is quite messy. The cap is filled with dry product. It’s not a nice look. So everytime I use this, I have to turn the bottle upside down then turn it back and squeeze some product out. If not all the product will ooze out. But this takes forever for me to finish, I guess I don’t use it as often. So I’m glad to finally say good bye. I probably won’t be using FAB in a long time cause I don’t really see the benefit. But I’m still curious over the moisturiser though. Oh well. 

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