Thermal Spring Water

I learn that there is just so many product that is being produced in the same factories. So it’s just one generic product with the basic ingredient. And everyone else is a brand with or without additional ingredients. Then again, there is the better pacakaging, better branding, better everything. It’s hard to tell which product are the same unless you work for them or the factory. I’m not saying all products are like that, but I always wonder if I’m paying more for something I think it’s better. 

When it comes to facial mists, I have no idea if it’s all come from the same place. But I really don’t see a difference between them. But I do know that I prefer to use one than the other. Not sure why, maybe it is just my perspective. I don’t want to make a fool of myself saying I prefer this when those who know will laugh at me and say it’s the same product. Or I make a fool of myself when I say it’s the same when it’s not. 

La Roche-Posay mist, I don’t really reach for it more. I don’t know why. I seem to prefer the Avene one. I don’t use it to set my makeup, but more of a refresher. I use it when my face looks very powdery. The thing about sprays, is that I have to make sure my mascara is set. I am clearing my old mascara and most of them are non waterproof. I don’t know why I think it’s a good idea to buy them when I have oily lids and live in this kind of weather. So sprays are usually used to freshen myself. 

This is a fairly easy to use spray. The nozzle is fine but powerful. There is no need to use any strength to press it and the mists are a lot. It easily can make your whole face be wet. It doesn’t seem to sooth my skin, so that’s quite bad in my book. Then again my face is not so sensitive that I need to sooth it. It doesn’t feel as good using this as compare to other spray. I just don’t reach for this. 


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