CDP Eye Color Quad – 201


Was given this and it just remind me of the Marjolica Majorca. It’s just shiny and glittery. This is just the refill. You have to buy the packaging yourself. This is in the shade 201 which a green shade. So the colour is a glittery beige. It’s a base shade. So it’s a lot bigger than the rest. The next shade is a golden green. Next is a forest green. The last shade is like a mauve grey. It is a grey base with a purple hint. I guess it’s duo chrome. It’s a cream shadow as compare to the rest. It is also just shimmery not glittery. 

The shadows are soft and smooth to the touch. So the glitters are really fine. It’s really good. I like the pigmentation of the shadows. I like how it is quite sheer when you swatch it but the colours will show up. I like the pop it brings out to the eyes. But it’s just so shiny that it’s not ideal to use daily. Other than that, it’s good. But there is just so much other brands who are better and cheaper. So I don’t think it really worth the money to invest this. 


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