thisworks Energy Bank Tinted Lips

The first time I tried this, it was super sticky. It’s a clear gloss. I guess it’s suppose to be a balm, but it’s sticky so it feels more like a gloss. And as it was shiny too. I was waiting for it to turn my lips into some natural shade. I thought as it claimed to be a natural lip colour that it will be those natural changing lip colour. But I was wrong. 

Then I happened to squeeze a lot out to take picture for this blog. Who knows suddenly the clear gloss turns to some reddish colour. I tried shaking the product, nothing. Now I know why it’s on sale. The product must have seperated. But behold a red tinted balm. It’s more of a brownish red. When apply it’s actually quite sheer. It’s no longer sticky. So I mean it’s not bad. A good topper. Or if want a bit of gloss but don’t want to use lip gloss, this will be good. 

After the sale, this cost me $15.90. So it’s really pricey. But it’s quite nice for a colour balm, cause it not sticky but it looks like a gloss. So I wouldn’t repurchase. 


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