First Impression: Pure Smile Best Wishes For Love Mask

I always like the Art Deco Masks from Pure Smile. They are just so cute. I tried finding out more about this one. And the only thing I can find is that it is for moisture. So we shall just stick to that. On the packaging it does state collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. So I’m thinking it’s all in this mask. 

This one is very wet. It has a lot of essence and it’s quite messy to apply. Even after almost 45 minutes, the mask still doesn’t dry out. It’s still rather wet. After, my face is quite sticky. It’s not bad. But it’s really full of moisture. I guess this will be good for those dry months. At least for overseas. Singapore is just sunny or raining, humid all year round. So it doesn’t really do much for us. 

But overall it’s just a fun mask to have during sleepover. 


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