Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 3 Palette 

I got this ages ago. Basically to compare the difference between this and MUA palette. But this is the dupe for Naked 3. I don’t have Naked 3 so I can’t compare them. But I’m loving the shades enough as they are very rosey and golden. It’s a good combination of matte and shimmer shade. A good balance of warm and cool tone. The shadows are pigmented, and not much fallouts. 

Now I’m not a big fan of the layout of shadows. It’s long and narrow and I find that it’s so hard to use your finger to get the shadow. It’s hard to tell if the shadows are soft or smooth. But really for £4, I don’t have the right to complaint. 

So in term of the way the shadows are layout, I still prefer MUA. But I find that MUR are a bit more “clean”. Like after using, the shadows are all still in tact. Unlike MUA palette, where I found that the shadows after you use them, will not be as even on the pan. I don’t know how describe it, but MUR is slightly better. I wish I had a better comparison in term of the actual shades, but I rather not have so much of the same shades in my collection. 

But yea, if you are in the UK, should grab some of this. 


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