Lights, Camera, Flashes

I don’t really get the 2 steps process of this mascara. I don’t see much different between the wand. I guess one side is more sense than the other. But the packaging have the “1” and “2” written on it. Anyway, the first impression of this is not good. It’s quite wet, gives me clump lashes and smudges badly. Then after that, the formula is less wet. It is not dry, but I feel it’s quite good. 

My lashes are too short to be able to really use both sides of the wand. So I don’t see how it really help me to volumise my lash. Cause by reading online, it teaches you to first apply the short bristles side for volume. Then turn it 180 degree to comb through the lashes with the longer firmer side. You are suppose to tap the wand on the top of the tube to feel the difference between the bristles. 

What I can say is that this mascara is nice for daily. It is not so dramatic, but it coats the lashes well. And the best part about this is that it will help you curl your lashes. It really will curl it up. The bad thing about this, is that it still will smudge. So I don’t use this on a daily basis. Let’s face it I hardly use mascara nowadays for work. But when I do, I won’t use this. This I will use at night, when I’m going out for dinner. Or on weekends when I have a short day. So ya, I like it, but the smudge. Ugh! Will not buy again, but maybe I’ll try the waterproof one. 


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