Agent Zero Shine

I have mix feelings about this. For the most part, I like it. Let’s talk about the packaging first. It is quite small and about 10cm long, so it’s quite handy and easy to toss into the bag. I like that the powder dispenser can be turned to close and open. The bottom can be unscrew and you will get a brush that can be slightly more fine. The brush has a side plastic thing that will have to be push down to let the bristle free. Then you will pull up to tuck the bristle in to secure the brush back to bottom of packaging. The thing is that plastic is quite short. So I still have a hard time screwing the brush back in.

The powder is a nude shade. A bit on the lighter shade. I guess it is suppose to be transparent anyway. But it is not bad. It is mattifying. But this is one powder that is good for touch up. It is not long lasting, so using this as a setting powder will not work as well. I usually use this when I come home from work and I will have to go out dinner. So I just pour a bit onto the cap and use the brush with a swirl to pick up all the pigment.
I can keep doing it for a few times to cover my face. So I feel a normal powder will do better. Or loose powder in bigger surface area to pick up the product.

So is this something you should try? I will say no. But if you get it for free or something, then I guess it is fine. And it is quite cute to take this out in front of everyone.


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