Bio-Essence Emu Oil 

I have the cream, and someone bought me the spray. This is suppose to be easier to apply. But I was wrong. The spray is too sparse, so you’ll be left with lots of oil splatter on the bed sheet. Well, I mean if you happen to spray them over the bed. So really the best way to use this is to spray closely onto the hands then spread it over your legs, arms, etc. you have to really fun it in, cause this oil is really moisturising. Once it sets though, you won’t feel a thing. That’s the only thing nice about this. 

Using cream, you have to keep smoothing it until it sinks into the skin, this is slightly faster. Cause it’s a clear oil, you can’t really see the white cream. So it’s more forgiving. Plus I find that instead of spraying too much, I have to spray a few more. So ya, I mean it’s a nice gift if you are from Australia giving it to those who are not. But it is oil in a plastic bottle, there may be a chance that it will spill. So just be careful. 


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