Jelly Pot – M04 Biscotti

A bit regret getting this shade. I think this is more of the matte shade. The shimmery ones are so much more even and pigmented. I tried it in the store when it didn’t dry out. But I wanted something a bit more wearable day to day. Biscotti is a peachy nude shade. It’s actually quite nice when it can be even on the lid. The colour is kind of patchy. 

I do like the texture. The formula is quite gel like but with this shade, it seems like it will dissappear any moment. Which it sort of did cause the colour is really close to skin tone. 

This will set quite fast. So it’s advisable to do one side at a time. Once it set, it won’t budge. Which is really good. But Biscotti is a bit hard to see. At the end of the day, I can see the slight peachy tone on my lid. But that’s about it. So in the end, I think it will be better to get other darker shades. 


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