Colourpop Foxy 

I wanted to try Colourpop so badly. Wanted to make a purchase when they finally shipped international. But it’s still expensive. So I happened to see my junk mail one day, and just nice they had free international shipping. So I bought a few stuff. 

This is the Foxy Mini Ultra Matte Lip Collection. I never expect it to be so small. It’s about half a pen size. It suit me just fine actually. It’s a good way to try out different colour. Plus small is better as its tiny and fit into the bag much better. This is US$18, so with the bank rate, about SG$5.10 a tube. 

The wand is a normal doe foot applicator. It is the most common of applicator so no comment. Usually I need to dip the wand again to get a fully opaque lips. It’s a pigmented liquid lipstick, but a second coat just covers the corners and gives a better coverage. 

The shade More better is a dark magenta shade. It’s hard to get a clean line for this. I like that it’s a deep shade but it will still brighten up the face. 

Creeper is a very bright red. But once it turn matte, it became much better. I feel that it’s a nice orange tone red that will brighten up your complexion. 

Beeper is a pinkish nude. Actually it’s just a nude, but it has a pink undertone. It’s ok on me. 

Clueless is surprising very dark. I expect it to be a brighter shade. As in a bright mauve. This is quite dark on me. As in the colour get wash away. So it’s not so nice on me. But this is quite an easy shade to use. The colour doesn’t run around as much. 

Tulle is one the hardest to apply. I guess cause it’s such a deep dark shade, that you have to really be careful applying this. And this definitely need 2 coats. It’s a very nice colour when swatched but on my lips, it’s just very vamp. And it’s not good to eat when using this. Cause the colour will run off, but some will still linger on certain area on the lips. Not pretty. 

So overall, it’s a good kit. The liquid lipstick is nice. It glides on easy and will turn matte. It transfer slightly but can almost say that it won’t. Not extremely drying. Can feel that the product is on the lips, but it’s comfortable. Some shades need to use lipliner, but as long as you gently draw on the lips, it should be fine. 

Ya, colourpop is an affordable brand and I pretty much want every shade on the web. I shall try the lippie stix next. 



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