Biotherm Liquid White Gelee

I thought I try something different. This is an illuminating hydra plumping cream which is more I feel for normal to dry skin. But this a Gelee so it’s more like a cream mix with a gel. So the texture is actually quite nice. I can use at night with no problem. In the morning, as long as I normall set my face with setting powder, I won’t have the problem with oiliness too. 

This is a 50ml jar, which is quite pretty with the ombré pot packaging to be on the dressing table. The cream itself is heavily fragrance. Which is why I think this doesn’t help with my acne. I use this mainly cause my skin starts to get dry from the pimple cream. So naturally, a hydrating moisturiser is something I need. It helps combat the dryness, but some days I feel that this can be the reason my face is turning crazy again. 

Anyway, I use this as a hand arm lotion, and it’s actually very nice. My elbow are no longer dry. It also sinks in very fast. So it doesn’t leave my body sticky. I shall use all moisturiser that doesn’t suit me as lotion in the future. 

Oh, now I remember; the texture reminds me of the Laneige Sleeping Capsule. So ya, it’s nice. But not something I really like. 


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