EcoTools Powder Brush

My first ever big giant brush. It’s not giant. It’s just a normal shape powder brush. I bought the 5 set brushes and I wanted one for powder. I remember this cost me $29.90 at Watsons. I was contemplating if I should get it. Cause it was not that cheap. $30 back when you are a kid, it really is not cheap. 

But even after all these years, the brush still stands. It’s still fluffy and the shape still quite tempered. However after washing one too many time and without the brush guard, the shape kind of a bit out. But in the end it is still a full brush, so it’s good. I have softer brush now, but this is a good no fuss whole face brush. 

I don’t know if now $30 is consider cheap for first time brush users, but it’s really a good bargain considering that this can last for years. I really will recommend this to everyone. 


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