False Lash Wings Butterfly Effect Fibers Mascara

I quite like the wand on this. The effect is surprisingly flattering. People comment that it will be hard to apply on both side, but I have no problem. You just have to adjust the wand accordingly. This is a very wet mascara. So much so that it smudges on me. After a couple months, this is still wet. I really feel that this will last forever. This is super black, and it will really show. Slightly under dramatic, but it will be quite flashy. It’s lengthening and darken the lashes. At first this doesn’t clump. But the more I use the more it starts to. I guess the mascara sort of get dryer. But not really also. Hard to really explain.

It’s just extra good for those who already have long lashes and want the extra length. In term volume, it gives some. But not as full. Curling power is alright, but average to me. Overall not that bad. I just wish that it’s waterproof. I mean it’s not as bad as it only smudge on application. End of day, it’s alright doesn’t smudge. I guess it just set well. 


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