MAC Syrup

I know ages ago I said it’s nothing special about a MAC lipstick. But I just wanted one for work. A shade that is mlbb. A nice wearable shade appropriate for work. I choose MAC cause it felt save to have. I got the the shade Syrup which is a lustre finish. Now I’m in love with MAC. It doesn’t disappoint. You can have dry lips, and this will somehow cover it slightly. It won’t make your lips look super dry. The colour is not only beautiful, it’s just so wearable. 

Syrup has lived in my bag for months. It’s the lipstick I bring with me everywhere I go. Cause I know if I was rushing and forgot to use one, Syrup will not fail me. It can also work as a top up lipstick. It’s just versatile and suit every mood and occasion. 

The scent is a nice typical MAC lipstick scent. The formula is creamy and feels comfortable on the lips. It’s easy to apply even without a mirror. The tube is solid, so you know it won’t break when you apply it. It just feels nice upon application. It’s quite worth the money especially if you don’t buy it in Singapore. 


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