Bobbi Brown Scotch & Soda Palette

This is a pass on palette given by a makeup artist. I just had to take the opportunity to play with it. It’s a warm palette filled with a mixture of matte, shimmery and slightly frosty shades. They are all quite neutral with gorgeous highlight shades and a deep matte brown. I’m not a fan of black shadows, so dark brown is the perfect replacement shade for me. So this is an ideal eyeshadow palette for me. I love all the shades. I don’t like the packaging though. I’m not a big fan of crocodile skin pattern kind of things. But I guess that is what it gives character to this palette. The mirror is a good size mirror. This is a good traveling palette. 

Shadows are smooth, buttery. Easy to apply. Colours blend effortlessly. As always, end of day, the colours all seem to merge into one. Despite using primer, most of the time the shadows all look the same on my eyes. But if I just use a lid colour and a transition colour, it will not be so muted. So no complain. I think Bobbi Brown shadows are good for beginners and artists alike. 


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