Colourpop Persuede Me

This is another Colourpop purchase. It’s cheaper to buy in a set. US$5 instead of the usual $6 per pop. This is the famous lippie stix. This set has all the matte x formula. I was hoping that it will be very smooth and easy to apply, but as always with darker colours, it’s not going to happen. The set is cool, cause it came with this box that has a magnetic closure and a good size mirror. So it’s nice as a mini keepsake box or something. Very sturdy and a good size. The lippies came cushioned with a grey foam support which you can remove. (Update: I was wrong. The glue is stickier than expected. Therefore I have to cut out a piece of pretty paper to cover the damaged I made at the bottom.)

The only sad thing about sets; you can’t choose the colours. Sometime you will get a shade in a set that you already have. Or it’s something that won’t suit you. I bought this because I wanted to try these lippie stix. The colours looked good online. But in person, I was hoping for less fall more neutral. It just goes to show, you can’t really depend on other people’s swatches. Cause it all look different on different people.


A classic 2016 nude aka the classic 1985 colour. This is more brick brown. So it has a red undertone in it. I like it but I feel that I have too much brown in my collection. Plus, this is not so good on a dry lips. It brings out the obvious.


A mauve brown, the most wearable shade for me. This is easy to apply, at least compared to the rest. I like this the most but it still appear a bit dark on me. I would not wear this for work, but I will use this for a day out. If only this was a bit more soft.

Le Freak

A deep purple shade, the perfect fall colour. It’s so dark, I doubt I will wear this at all. It’s hard to apply. No matter how careful you line the lips, it will still be quite messy. But this makes a nice stain after the product is gone.


When you think goldie, you’ll think golden curls with red lips. But this is supposed to be a brownish red. It’s actually really nice on the lips. It will slightly stain the lips. A bit hard to apply. I guess lipliner is a must. It’s pretty nonetheless; a good dinner colour. Plus the shade really turn matte the fastest.


This is a nude nude. A bit on the lighter side, but not too concealer like. I like this too. It’s wearable. A bit creamier on the lips.

Upside Down

A peachy coral shade is not something I can pull off. I keep trying, but it’s useless on me. It will washed out on my lips. It just doesn’t look good on me.

Overall, the set is ok. The stix are creamy, glide on well, a tad messy to apply (some of them) but generally nice lip product. I only have the matte x formula, so I can’t compare. But it’s not extremely drying and I feel it really comes down to individual shade and your own lips.

For the price, it’s good. I just don’t think they are as fantastic as what some people say. I really do want to try more shades and more formula though. It is hard to get this kind product below $10 in Singapore.


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