Sephora Sheet Masks

I’ve been wanting to compile all the sheet masks I’d try from Sephora. And behold, the change the mask into the invisilk mask now. Guess they change supplier or something. But anyway, below are all the masks from Sephora. I do believe is all the Sephora sheet masks.

Pomegranate mask for antioxidant and energizing. It’s alright. Doesn’t leave a big impact in my life. I put this on and the next day I totally forgot how I feel about it. So it’s just neutral. For some reason, this mask is quite big on my face. Then again, I also wore it in such a side looped way. 

Ginseng mask for firming and toning. Does it really will help to firm up the skin? I don’t really think so, but this mask feels quite tight on the face. At least as compare to the rest. The ginseng scent is faint, but you can smell it the first time you put it on. 

Green tea mask for mattifying and antiblemish. I really like this. It’s very soothing when applied. I will repurchase this. I really like the soothing feeling it gives me. Sure a lot of masks have that effect but for some reason this just the one once I put on I was like oh I got to buy more of this. So it really is just one of those product that I truly enjoy using. 

Lotus mask for hydrating and soothing is not so cooling. I don’t know if it’s cause I’m not using it in aircon room or what. It’s also quite uneven. The right part there just seems to have extra flap that kept falling off. Lotus smells so good though. I also find that this is quite itchy on me. And after removing the mask, my face feel quite sticky. I think this will be good for really dry skin. 

Rose mask for ultra hydrating and brightening has a very light scented rose. It’s not so obvious unless you take note of it. This mask feels really big on me and it just doesn’t stay put. 

Orchid mask for youth-activating and regenerating. This is a cooling mask. It’s also irritate my skin especially around my spots. For some reason, the mask kept falling off my face. It just doesn’t stick. But this smells really good though. And after removing the mask, my face looks “cleaner”. It’s quite good if you need a quick regenerating. But this is not recommended for acne skin. So it’s not for me. 

Marine algae for deeply hydrating and nourishing is a mask I will recommend for people with dry skin. This is a big mask, so will suit most face shape. It’s wet so it will stick on the face quite nicely. It is slightly cooling and feels nice on the skin. It’s just a very relaxing mask. I put this on for almost half an hour, and the mask is still quite wet. It is just overload with the essence. So it’s really good for dry skin or anyone in need of hydration. This also has a slight faint scent of something breezy. That’s why it’s very relaxing I guess. 

Job’s tears for whitening and moisturising doesn’t leave much of an impression on me. The fit is good. It’s moisturising alright, but whitening, I don’t really see the effect. Plus this kind tends to give me spots or at least I think it does. I can’t actually really say. But the mask is ok. 

Honey for nourishing and balancing. Not sure what that is. Does it nourish my skin? I don’t think so. Not sure what balance do. But this mask really smells like honey. It’s not overpowering, but it’s quite nice. The problem is that this way too big and it just doesn’t stay put. Honey is like a limited edition cause I don’t see it being sold. It was a gift with purchase for me. So technically free, but I don’t enjoy using this one. It’s the size of the mask that just doesn’t stay on your face. 

Avocado mask for moisturising and nourishing. This kind of irritate my skin a little. It wasn’t as bad, but not really enjoyable to use. The mask is a tad to big, but the essence is not as crazy. So it is wet enough to stick onto the face. I have to press the sides to make sure it stick on my face. Once I remove the mask, it’s quite sticky. I manage to pat it dry after awhile. The next morning my skin feels good though. It’s “nourished”. That’s the only way I can describe it. I look fresh, even though I was super sleepy. So not my fav, but worth the try if I can look fresh every morning. 

Pearl mask for perfecting and brightening is an ok mask. The sheet is quite big but I manage to pat it on the sides to fit my face. Luckily it manage to stick on the edge of my face, thus the mask manage to stay put. I like this as the packaging is different from the others. This one is a suede matte thick paper unlike the rest. But the mask itself doesn’t leave a good enough impression on me. It’s just alright. 

So I find that all the masks are different. I thought all be made in the same template, but I guess they are all differ in sizes. It really depend on which one you get. So you either like it or hate it. Anyway, just a comparison between the old and new mask. Below is the invisilk mask. And both still cost $4 each. 

Pearl invisilk mask for perfecting and brightening is the same as the old one. So each one is still have the same purpose. The sheet is better. It’s clear which is why it’s call invisilk. I like it. It fits better and it’s thinner. So it’s just nicer on the face. It’s naturally cooling. It’s just after about 10 minutes, this irritate my face. But ok not bad, it does feel like it brighten up my face. And once I remove the mask, the sheet appear to be more white. It’s interesting. 


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