Rose Floral Toner


The first time I use this, I wasn’t impress. It takes time to actually appreciate this. To me it’s like any other toner I’d tried. But the more I used this, the more I find the differences. This toner set like a layer of protection on my skin. It just feels like I put on something. Even though I apply this using a cotton round. And that’s the other thing. When I pour this on to the cotton pad, it just made the pad wet, and unlike other toner, this will somehow doesn’t feel like it will transfer onto my face. A wet pad, but it’s just a brush over the face. I don’t know, it just feel weird. I always have the feel to pour more to make it absorb more toner. But of course I don’t. As the cotton is already wet. 

Anyway, the rose scent is not that strong. A bit weird, as most Fresh scent is rather obvious. But the toner I feel quite help keep my skin in check. I don’t know why, it doesn’t improve or worse it. But during the period I use this, I know my skin was suppose to get worse, as I wasn’t as diligent about cleansing and masking. But somehow my skin just maintain being just the way it was. So I know this is the reason why. 

I might repurchase this. We’ll see. 


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