Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula

I’ve been using this and I was hoping that this will help with my pimples. But I don’t really see the result that I want. I think that this doesn’t exactly help, but it doesn’t worsen it. Which is a pity, cause I can buy cheaper face wash and get the same result. This ia 200ml for $35, so it is still ok. Not the cheapest, but not exactly what you will call expensive. As it is Clinique, the brand has that kind of price point. So it is fine. But I can use a $15 facial cleanser and feel the same. But for $35, this last a long time. So not bad. Plus I feel, if you don’t really have high expectation of this, you won’t be disappointed in the first place.

So if you don’t have expectation on this. Then, this cleanse makeup well. The formula is like a soft gel. So it is non drying and easy to rinse off. It doesn’t feel like it strip off your natural oil on your face, but you also feel like your face is just clean. No more oil residue, no more makeup residue. Mascara can also be remove. I never try it with stubborn waterproof one, but so far it is ok.

Overall it is not a bad cleanser. Just nothing wow about it. Then again, many people swear by Clinique skincare, but for me, it is just so-so.


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