SK-II Signs Eye Mask

Until now whenever I use sheet eye mask, I wonder which end will be nearer to my nose. The good thing about SK2 is that there is a lot of pictures and reviews online. So in this case, the smaller area will be closer to the nose. The mask doesn’t fit my eye but oh well. 

I like that each pack comes in a tray. And the patches are covered by a white plastic. So you can sort of just pinch the plastic to get sheer out and stick on your undereye. You won’t get sticky fingers. It’s good. 

The mask itself is alright. Not that fantastic. Even with constant use, I don’t really see the difference. Oh well, at $8 per pack, that’s the price I bought it for, I don’t think it’s worth. But I’m sure it has some benefits and stuff which I probably won’t be able to see until I’m older. That probably it. 


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