Solone Classic Wine Lip Tint – 10 Grape Purple

Solone is a Taiwanese brand. They have a variety of product but knowing how much we love alcohol, this wine product is a perfect gift. It’s a cute small packaging in the shape of a wine bottle. What I’m impressed of is the fact the formula is really nice. It’s a gel texture so it’s really nice on the lips. 

The wand is slightly thinner than normal wand. So I do find that it’s good to really get a clean edge. The colour I have is Grape Purple which is a bright purple shade. This doesn’t suit me as much. I feel the colour is too bright for me. 

The other thing I don’t like about this is that the stain is not even. It’s not the lip tint fault but it’s my lips. My lips are uneven in pigmentation. Therefore, the inside of my lips will be darker than the outer. But if it’s all even, this will give a really beautiful stain. I guess, you can’t have everything. 


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