Cococare The Yellow Stick and Moisturising Stick

I love Shea butter moisturising stick. It’s a good moisturiser, but I use it more like a body hand lotion. It just melt under the heat of your hand. I like it. It’s meltie and makes my skin smooth. It’s also good for wrinkles, stretch marks and dry skin. 

100% Cocoa butter is a bit harder. It doesn’t really melt on your hand. The way I use these stuff is like how you use a stick glue. Cocoa butter will melt when you rub your skin. So it’s not that hard for it to melt. It’s just a bit more solid. I just think if you like the smell of cocoa, you’ll love this. It’s the same scent as the lipbalm also. This just say that it’s for stretch marks and dry skin. 

In the end cocoa butter is slightly more moisturising. I don’t mind both. But I think this is really good for anyone who are not allowed to scratch their skin, but feeling the itch. Moisturising is good for skin, so you can use the stick to so call scratch yourself. It’s gentle and good for you. Also not overly pricey. I can’t remember exactly. But it should be below $5. 


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