KATE Eyebrow Pencil 

I always wanted to try Kate product. I decide to get their brow product cause it seems safe. I choose the shade BR5 which is the natural grey. I guess BR is suppose to be brown, but it’s greyish. So it sort of suit me. As I can’t really wear brown now. 

I like this cause it feels very hard. I tried to swatch it on my arms, but I can’t get the colour to transfer. On my brows however, the colour just glide on easily. No need to drag, no need to pull. It just glide on but it’s not gel like. It’s good. So it gives off the colour but it doesn’t smudge off. 

The pencil is also small, so it’s rather precise. It would have been my go to brow product if it comes with a brow brush. This doesn’t. I have to use my own brow brush to blend the harsh line. To blur it off to make it natural. So that’s just the one drawback. Other than that, it’s a good product. 


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