Korres Pomegranate Moisturising & Balancing Cream Gel

I’ve been using this about a month now. I’m only 1/4 through. I only use this in the morning, and I don’t use a lot of it. It’s quite alright as long as I use a setting powder, my face doesn’t really turn oily. Even though this is meant to be for oily skin. So a little is all you need. I find that it hydrates my skin well enough, but it’s not really as good as other moisturiser I’ve tried. Cause this is a thicker cream. Therefore, it takes longer for this to sink into the skin. Since I used do little to spread it around the face, this doesn’t take that long to sink in. So it’s quite ok for the morning. 

I would prefer a lighter, runnier moisturiser as its easier to spread out for the morning rush. But I have no complain. Plus I manage to use this for a long time. So it’s good enough for me. Just not a favourite I guess. I think this will be better for night time, but I just don’t like the jar form. Don’t really fancy dipping my fingers into it. So yeah, it’s just a morning thing. 


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