First Impression: Kissui BriSea Vital Repairing Ampoule Perfect Fit Mask

This is a very translucent mask. It’s so thin. So it’s easy for it to stick to the curves of the face. Do you even call the face a curve? Well you get what I mean when I say it just fit your face. This has 3 layers. The white one you peel off then stick on to your face. Then you peel off the blue part. It’s so hard to pull off the blue plastic. But since the mask cling on so well to your skin, eventually it came off. 

This mask is very cooling and very moisturising. It’s not for me. I think it’s really good for anyone who need moisture. Or who is staying at a cold winter place that dry up their skin. This gives the instant moisture. Seriously powerful that even with a primer, my face gets oily within 2 hours. 

I should have use this at night. That would have been a better use. But oh well. I do enjoy using this. And I do think it’s worth the money. It’s like about NT500+ for a box of 5 if I’m not wrong. The thing I don’t get is that some packaging has the bottle on it, some doesn’t. I’m not sure if it’s different masks or just different versions of packaging. Oh well. 


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