Yes To Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Wipes

This is such a unique wipe. It’s black and the texture is unlike anything I’ve tried before. First the colour. It’s hard to really see if any make up is being wiped off by sheet. Cause it’s just black, it’s dark, so you can’t spot any difference. Second the texture. It’s not a thin clothes. It’s thicker and feel more plastic. So it’s actually quite rough. It’s not a nice experience using this to clean your face. At least scrub clothes you know it’s meant to do that. But this, it’s just very unpleasant on the skin. But I mean it’s still useable and it does it job well. 

I’ve been quite lazy to wash my face at night. So I had just been using this only. I feel it does a great job removing my makeup. And also it’s doesn’t break me up. I feel this even help to reduce my spots. So I am enjoying this despite the weirdness of the texture. 


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