boscia Clear Complexion Tonic

Kind of always wanted to try boscia cleansing product. But this is the one I had from the Sephora Gold member gift. I like anything spray. It’s convenient and perfect for my laziness. This is a tonic, so I’m assuming a toner. Which the description did say to use after cleansing in the AM and PM. I also can use this to refresh my skin. So that’s nice too. 

It’s not overly sticky. But after spraying you can feel a bit of essence on the skin. The spray is very strong. Even though the bottle is tiny, the nozzle is powerful. Therefore, one spray is enough. But I like to spray at least twice or thrice. Sometime even 4 times. Since its powerful, it’s not a fine mist. But it doesn’t make your face overly wet. So the droplets dissappear on your face rather quickly. I like it. So easy to use. Love it. It’s small good for travelling. 


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