First Impression: Choosy White Pearl

This is quite nice. It’s like gel eye patches but for lips. It’s just a patch in the shape of the lips. This is in the white pearl which is a white pearl colour mask. I don’t know the rest of the series will follow the colour base on the packaging or what. Anyway, if you just put it on your mouth, it can be uneven and there might be air bubbles. So what I did was sort of close mouth suck. The gel mask followed the shape my lips. But it tasted horrible. The other I did was to pat the mask into the curves, but sometimes it just peel away. 

The mask can be apply for 5-30 minutes. I find that eventually after about 10 mins, it feels sort of drying. Throughout the experience, you can’t talk at all. It’s nice though. The mask is cooling and feels nice. After about 20 mins, I peeled it out cause it felt kind of dry. But my lips are very moisturised. So it’s really nice. 

How I wish I bought more. Oh well next time then.


2 thoughts on “First Impression: Choosy White Pearl

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