J.R.Liggett’s Travel Size Bar Shampoo

I like this. It’s a set of 4 mini bar shampoo with a case. But the case is quite useless as it just get soak and make everything wet and sticky. I wished they had given a tin like Lush or something. They also gave a rectangle plastic to rest the shampoo on. I find that once it stick on it, it’s hard to take it out. So I just stack it on. 

So there’s 4 bars but 2 of them are the original which is my fav. I like this cause it doesn’t make my hair oily. So it’s really good for travelling as I won’t have to worry about oily hair or having dandruff. 

Tea tree & hemp oil is for flaky scalp. Which is also nice. 

Jojoba & peppermint smells nice and it’s for curly hair. 

But I don’t think there’s much different between these 3. I find them all quite good. I enjoy using them and it takes a while to use them up. Solid shampoo is also good for travel especially without luggage check-in; less liquid the better. 


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