First Impression: I Love Rue Ultimate Pearl Beam Mask

I bought this specially cause of Kim Woo Bin. I mean I bought this for my sis cause she likes him. But she didn’t even bother when I show it to her. I guess she has moved on to another Korean star. Anyway, this is a super hydrating mask. So much so that it feels rather too much for me. It’s like I’m packed with too much moisturiser on my face. 

This is meant to be a whitening and for wrinkle. But I just feel that it’s very hydrating. The mask is only very thin. The essence almost feels like jelly. So it’s actually quite nice. Especially if you have dry skin. The fit is not exactly the best but since it’s thin, really translucent, it just stick onto the skin. I like it enough that I can walk around in this mask without feeling like it will come off. 


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