Payot Pate Grise & Speciale 5

So the Pate Grise is quite wellknown. People say it will either work for you or don’t. So it basically a spot treatment to use at night. To be applied on a cleanse face to all the blemishes. Then you can apply the Speciale 5 to the dry spots. 

So Pate Grise tend to stain your bedsheet and what not. So they recommend to cover it with a tape. The sample doesn’t really give me enough to try this product out. So I can’t fairly say that this work or doesn’t. I wish I have more samples to try though. I read the review and it looks promising. 

Speciale 5 is a drying and purifying gel. This is to be applied on mature blemishes. Based on the instruction, it said to apply with a cotton swab. To me, it doesn’t really diminished spots. Not sure how fast the spots are supposed to be gone. Then again, maybe I don’t have enough to play around. So can’t really say for sure. 


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