Tony Moly Lip Scrub

This is just too cute I couldn’t resist. But the product is so little when you open it. It’s barely half. It’s like a cream mix with sugar. So it’s a very gentle scrub. A little goes a long way, so that’s good I guess. If not I will feel that I got rip off buying this. It tastes really good too. I didn’t eat it, but on the lips, it tasted good, sweet. 

This is not heavy duty, so my lips are still chapped after. It’s just when you rinse it off, it’s like you have a coat of balm on your mouth area. So it feels like your lips is smooth and nice. But after an hour or so, it’s back to normal. So this is not good at all. I think poeple who doesn’t have dry lips can use this as it’s just way too gentle. But the lip shape container is just too cute. So at least it will make a cute table deco. 


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