First Impression: Nightingale Tako Pack Nose

So this a 3 steps nose pack. It’s supposed to pull off the pore. All 3 came in nose sheets. The first one is to prep the skin. It’s a heating sheet that suppose to open up the pores. The second sheet is to pull off the blackhead. You still need to wet the nose slightly for the second sheet to stick. After 15 minutes, the sheet got dry and hard, then you pull off the sheet. It isn’t the best at removing blackhead, but it does remove the pores. Then the last sheet is to help with the tightening of the pores. I don’t see how helpful it was, but I guess you should always close up the pores after. 

Overall, it’s alright. It’s fun cause there’s a picture of an octopus on the sheet. Usually blackhead sheet are just plain. But in term of quality, it’s average cause it only pull out mostly at the centre of the nose. It does a good job, but I wish it was the pull was slightly stronger at the sides. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind buying more of these. 


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