Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil 

$14 from Sephora for a mere 5ml, that’s $2.80 per ml. I just saw it at the counter and grab it. Not sure what I was thinking. Probably was along the line that I haven’t try this brand before, so I should. Anyway, it’s a no oil oil for fine hair. It’s supposed to volumise the hair. I’m still scared that this will turn my hair oily. But it’s not as bad, so whether I use this or not, there’s not much difference. 

This is to be used on towel dried hair, which is really nice. It doesn’t feel oily. I like it cause it gives my hair a very smoothed, proper look. I usually came out of the shower, used a hair tonic then comb through it. I don’t bother with hair blowing. So I always naturally dry the hair. Depending on how I comb through, my hair look different. While most of the time it looks natural, more often than not, it appear unkept. 

With this, my hair always look good. It’s just so smooth and healthy looking. It’s also not as flat. In term of volume, it doesn’t do that much, but it’s good this way, cause it’s more natural. So yes, I do think this is worth the money. Cause all you need is just two pump and that doesn’t take 1ml. 


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