Plumping Lip Gloss in Pink Sugar

I found a bunch of unopened makeup in one of my bag. I thought I had lost all those makeup. Anyway, I opened them hoping that they’re still alright to use. This lip plumper is still fine. It doesn’t smell funky or anything. I love lip plumper especially the MUA one. They just tingle right. I finished my first ever one like a few months after opening it. It just like it that much that I kept using it. The colour was good too. 

Pink sugar is slightly a darker pink. But it’s still wearable on the lips. Pigmented and one coat is all you need. It’s just so shiny and slightly glittery. It makes my lips look super juicy. I just love looking in the mirror using this. It’s not so sticky and it’s comfortable on the lips. The tingling is not extreme. It just a touch that makes you know your lips are experiencing something. 


One thought on “Plumping Lip Gloss in Pink Sugar

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