Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

£20 lipstick and it’s worth every pound. It’s a beautiful colour. It’s not exactly matte, so it’s not exactly drying. The shape of the lipstick, is also one I haven’t have before. It’s really applied nicely. It goes over the shape of the lips and one swipe is all you need. It’s a really nice lipstick. The tube is pretty much just a typical classic packaging. So nothing special about it. It’s rose gold colour though, makes it pretty to have on hand. It’s also a very sturdy lipstick but transfer very easily on the lips. I just like it. Even though the first time I used it and it transfer on to my teeth, I still did not fault this. Cause the second time and after, I used this and no problem. So yah, I like it. 


One thought on “Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

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