A’kin Hydrating Mist Toner

I’m still loving all kind of mist. This is a toner, but I used it mostly to refresh my face or spray it before I go to bed. The thing about this is that the spray doesn’t really cover the whole face. The mist is gentle enough. But I have to spray a few times round my face to really get all around. I don’t know, when it comes to spray I have to feel the wetness to feel that it’s on my face. If not I won’t be satisfy an will spray on more. So I think that’s kind of redundant. 

It’s best to close your eyes another 5 seconds after spraying. The droplets will settle on the face a bit late. When you open your eyes too early, it will get into the eyes and it burns. So that’s the bad thing. 

But yah, this will hydrate and tone the face. For refreshing, it’s not so much. But it’s still quite nice on the face. It’s not extremely cooling, it’s just makes your face feels slightly less sticky. So it’s not bad. It’s just convenient to use a spray. 


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