Shills Eye Am Beautiful Eye Masks

It’s so nice to see all the colourful eye masks together. Each mask cost TW29 and all have a different shape. 

Tightening & Angi-wrinkle eye mask should be good with anyone with a broad face. For me, the mask covers pretty much half of my face. So this should be eye and cheek mask on me. It’s alright. It’s quite wet, so you do feel like it’s worth it. But I don’t know I just like putting on mask in general. 

Don’t this one remind you of batman? I don’t see the point of the sharp pointed ears. It just gets on my hair. It’s also quite annoying cause the nose part is a bit too big. It just doesn’t stay down nicely. But this is a black mask, so it’s slightly thicker as compare to the rest, so it’s just alright. This is for brightening & whitening , but I don’t see a difference. 

Charming & hydrating eye mask is quite nice. It fits nicely. I also do feel that it hydrates the skin. My eyes appear less puffy. But this is not cooling at all. So not sure how it works. But overall, it’s fine. 

I like this one. Smoothing & moisturing black eye mask is the one that’s small enough to fit my face nicely. It is less messy thus the one I prefer among the 4. It’s nice on the face and it feels like it just wrap my eyes around it. I don’t know, I guess it’s the better mask, so I’m just feeling more positive towards this. Honestly I don’t really see a difference using this. So actually, it doesn’t really do much. Oh well, miracle doesn’t happen overnight I Guess. 


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