Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle

I always wanted to try this but I see no reason to pay $19.90 for it. I know, I always buy $40 concealers from Sephora but $20 ones give me second thoughts. I finally decided to get it in Perth. It’s cheaper at $13 but I just needed one you know as I was saving my currency for Sephora Aussie but turn out there is none in Perth.

I like how this is a sponge applicator that is not a wand. It just makes application easier. Unhygienic but I am not fussy on that. The consistency is so light. It’s like applying moisturiser. But at the same time there is a slight coverage. I feel that it’s not enough to really cover your dark circles, unless you apply a thicker coat.

I got one in shade 130 medium which is quite close to my skin tone. Maybe slightly lighter when I have a tan. But the colour is still good. It’s overall just a fuss free concealer that it is simple to use. But the lasting power, it’s not as good. It last the whole office timing, but not for dinner. So touch up will still be needed.


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