Beautyblender Pro On The Go

I admit the beautyblender is still the best sponge I’ve used. The elasticity of the sponge is still the best in the market. Apparently the black one is targeted for bronze and tanner. I guess cause it is a darker shade. Personally I don’t see a difference between the pink and black.

The micromini is fun to have. I wouldn’t buy it myself. But it is nice. It is so small perfect to be put on the go makeup bag. I wouldn’t use it wet, cause it will just be very uck for the bag. But if you don’t bring it out. It is quite alright.

Blotterazi is quite a gimmick. I feel it is alright at removing oil from the face. But that is just it. It is like tissue. I don’t see the reason why you need to pay so much for this. It is just pretty to have in your bag especially with the casing. It is not included in this set though.

Overall it is a good set to have especially if you need extra sponge. I cannot remember how much I bought this for. But if I am not wrong, it is the cost of 2 beautyblender. So the rest are just freebies.


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