First Impression: boscia Charcoal Pore Minimizing Hydrogel Mask

Finally a clearer instruction on how to use the mask. Always peel off the clear lining and put on the mask. The white lining is there to keep the mask in place while you adjust the position on your face. It is harder than it sounds. It is like the mask doesn’t want to stay with the white lining. But with gel, at least once it stick and smooth on the face, it will stay in place.

I love gel mask. It is cooling and feels good on the skin. But this mask is quite itchy for me. And it is rather messy to apply. So you need to apply this in front of a mirror.

After, it is quite sticky. But under air condition, it is not so bad. This will be a good mask for dry skin or dry weather. While it itches me especially at my jaw area, I have to say this mask makes my face clearer. I just look brighter in the morning. I bought this for $12 so it is not cheap. But ya, it can be worth it I guess.


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