Infracyte LusciousLips – 328 Pinkalicious

My aunt bought me this saying that it is highly rave about in the clinic world. It is suppose to plump up the lips naturally. I checked online and it is $49. That’s expensive. It is a really nice pink reminded me of my the MUA plumping gloss. But this is not so shimmery. It is mostly glossy. Even though there is a shimmer in the gloss, on the lips is not so obvious. When you take a picture of it (like above), it does reflects the shimmer.

My lips look very full and luscious, true but this is quite numbing. I wouldn’t recommend on anyone with sensitive lips. It is not that comfortable on the lips. Also it kind of minty and it gives off a toothpaste scent. Not exactly pleasant unless you like that kind of scent. Personally I wont buy it. It is rather pricey. But I guess I can see the the appeal. My lips are not skinny in the first place, so lush lips is not something I actually crave. It can just look too fake. But this doesn’t give that fake look. But again, I just will not buy it.


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